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explain like im five

Questions That Seek Explanation Tend To Be Treated With Suspicion

More one-off questions with more one-off answers aren’t going to save this site explain like im five in the long run. There’s simply not enough decent developers for that.

Explain Like I’m 5: Remote Desktop Protocol (rdp)

explain like im five

Allows sharing the clipboard between the client and the server. Allows the redirection of access from the server to the client file system. Output Data – The fundamental output data explain like im five contains bitmap images of the user’s session on the server. In addition, the server can send sound information (only in the form of very basic “beep” – frequency + duration).

Not just the technical expertise, above all how the communicate effectively. All of that is gone, people are spread too thin, almost nobody wants to help bring a Q+A to a good end. Only the negative re-enforcement remained, the site is incapable of nurturing the next experts. explain like im five The question is now closed with the message “Update the question so it focuses on one problem only. This will help others answer the question”. It just is a duplicate of hundreds of other similar questions, and the problem is answers dumping code without explanation.

Network Level Authentication refers to the usage of CredSSP to authenticate the user before the initiation of the RDP connection. This allows the server to dedicate resources only to authenticated users. The other option – the direct approach favors security over compatibility. In this approach, the client will start with the external security protocol handshake before sending any RDP related data. Deciding on an explain like im five enhanced security protocol can be either negotiation-based or direct. The negotiation-based means that the connection initialization (x.224 connection request and response) is outside of the scope of the security protocol. Traffic is encrypted using RSA’s RC4 encryption algorithm, using client and server random values that are exchanged during the Basic Settings Exchange phase in the connection initialization.

  • ELI5 is where users post seemingly complicated subjects and ideas, and ask someone in the community – usually a subject matter expert – to explain it in a way that a 5-year-old would understand.
  • We can all admit there are some ideas or subjects that maybe we’ve referenced or heard about, but we don’t fully understand.
  • Bossgalaga launched their new subreddit by explaining its name, Explain Like I’m Five.
  • I’ve learned to detect people trying to cover lack of understanding with jargon.
  • Luckily for us, Reddit, the popular social sharing and discussion site, gave us a solution.
  • I find that a few clarifying questions can confirm my suspicions in short order.

Early SO benefited greatly from programmers having cut their teeth in the forums. Somewhat later there was plenty that did well, participating in Q+A with multiple users contributing and learning the ropes from each other.

explain like im five

Finally, A Subreddit Is Getting Its Own Show

Not any longer, and mostly for just one reason, we don’t like being insulted when we ask legitimate questions or even worse closed as off-topic or duplicate of nothing shown. I do not have insight into whether or not there are new experts coming in, but I agree with the sentiment expressed explain like im five in some of the answers that it is increasingly difficult to find good questions. Moreover, pushing back by constructively discouraging bad questions then draws the “you’re not being sufficiently welcoming” response, even if the pushback has helpful suggestions for clarifying the question.

That is to support more than 2 simultaneous connections (which is the default for “Windows’ RDP Server”) to a server. This requires purchasing a license from Microsoft. The client sends a Security Exchange PDU containing the client random encrypted with the server’s public key. The client and server then use the random numbers (both from the Basic Settings Exchange’s Security Data and from the Security Exchange PDU) in order to create session encryption keys. (+5) MCS Channel Join Requests and Confirmations – The client will start to request joining the virtual channels by using their IDs. Starting with the User Channel, I/O Channel and continuing with the virtual channels negotiated in the basic settings exchange.

Channels In Rdp

For instance, if you have an apple device, here’s the list of trusted certificates pre-installed on your device. Made possible by the amazing explain like im five reddit community at r/explainlikeimfive. DejaBlue (CVE & CVE ) is another RCE vulnerability in Microsoft’s RDP server discovered in 2019.

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