Hours of Operation?

Office hours

  • 8am-5pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Appointments available 7 days a week 8am-5pm.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is dependent on the breed & coat type of your pet.  For most breeds under 20lbs the average cost is around $50 for a full service hair cut. Call or text for a quote, texting a picture and description is extra helpful for price quotes.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash,  checks, and cards.

What does the grooming include?

The Full Service grooming includes: a bath, facial, blowout, haircut and style (unless shorthair), toenails cut/filed, ears, teeth, anal glands(by request), bandana/bows, and cologne/perfume.

Locations we provide service to:

Lawton/ft.sill, Cache, Geronimo, Faxon, Walters, Chattanooga, Duncan, Snyder, Indiahoma, Elgin, Fletcher, Hulen/Central high and Medicine park, as well as most areas within 45 mins of Lawton.

Types of Pets we groom:

There is no pet too big, small or exotic.  We groom every breed of dog and we will even attempt to groom dogs with behavior problems. We do offer grooming services for cats, however we do not blow dry cats.

Appointment Availability?

We are currently waitlist only. We also have a waitlist to become a client.

Does Zoom Groom need water/electric hookups?

No, we are a self sustaining mobile groom salon with own source of heated water, electricity, AC/heat.  We are exactly like a regular salon, except we come to you and we are cage free!

What are the client requirements?

We require our clients to be vaccinated, we require safe/secure access to your dog, and all cats to have carriers. We do not require proof that your pet has been vaccinated in order to be groomed, the client is solely responsible for keeping their pet up to date and pets do not come in contact with other animals while in our care. The only exception would be our Ft. Sill clients who must have shot records on hand,  it is required by base magistrate that all on base pets be vaccinated. We do encourage all our clients to have their dogs vaccinated as well as spayed/neutered!

Do I have to be home for my appointments?

Clients only need to be home for  their first appointment.  We can hold keys, garage door openers/codes for your appointment.  We accept credit cards over the phone or you can leave checks/cash in a specific location for us. If the dog is unsure of strangers we might ask that your crate your pet for their first few appointments until they are comfortable with us.