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stale dated checks

Once these sections on the check are all in order, you can feel confident in sending it off to be cashed. Few situations are more awkward than someone reaching out to you because the check you wrote wasn’t right. Although not necessary, the memo section of the check can be very helpful for good bookkeeping. Another use for the memo section is to write account numbers for the bills that you’re paying with that check. This acts as a reference if you need to prove payment on an account. The box at the end of the recipient line is for the numerical amount of money that the check represents.

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  • Exactly how long a check is good for varies depending upon the check.
  • Money orders don’t expire, but cashing in a money order late might cost you.
  • This is generally true even if a check specifies a ‘void-after’ date.
  • With the personal check, if the check hasn’t been cashed after 180 days or six months, it will be considered invalid.

However, there is no requirement for the bank to honor the check. We will assume that an outstanding check has appeared on the outstanding check list that is part of the company’s bank reconciliation for at least four months. In other words, the company issued the check more than four months earlier and the check has not yet cleared the company’s bank account.

What Happens If You Cash A Stale

The offers for financial products you see on our platform come from companies who pay us. The money we make helps us give you access to free credit scores and reports and helps us create our other great tools and educational materials. KCTCS Office of Procurement to Payment Services will contact the vendor and let KCTCS Office of Financial Services know if those checks are ready to be stale dated.

stale dated checks

Click this link for a document showing the current cases and amounts held for Unknown Heirs.Interested parties may research the details of the each case at the Sangamon County Circuit Clerk’s website. A distribution from these funds usually requires a signed judge’s order directing the Treasurer’s office to distribute the funds. To search for an undeposited check and obtain assistance with a refund or replacement check contact us for an appointment. This is to protect you if a teller misses the stale date on the check and cashes it. Verify with the bank that they will not honor a check that’s older than 6 months. If the check has been lost or stolen, place a stop payment on it and give the payee another check. You must contact the IRS for a reissue if you find an old refund check sitting in the back of your desk drawer.

Do Checks Expire If Not Cashed?

Your payroll check will not become stale and remain valid during your state’s waiting period. After a specified period, such property must be remitted, i.e., escheated, to the state. Business checks often have a notation stating how long they’re valid, usually between 90 days and one year. If no such statement is present on the check, most banks will exercise their right to refuse a check more than six months old. A common way to identify stale-dated checks is by reviewing regular bank reconciliations. This process highlights checks that haven’t been presented to the bank for payment or uncleared checks. The six-month time frame generally applies to personal and business checks — including payroll checks.

RCH Shareholder Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Retirement Clearinghouse, LLC and a registered transfer agent with the U.S. Taken together, these attributes clearly establish RCH’s Uncashed Distribution Checks Service as the most fiduciary-friendly stale-dated distribution check service in the industry. Stale dated checks are a growing problem for plan sponsors, as the numbers of small-balance accounts and separated participants grow. A check from a state government is generally valid for six months to a year, though that can vary by state. The following steps are required to stop a payment for a check that has been issued to a student, supplier, or non-employee. When the accountant found out that these checks had not been deposited in the bank, he sent them out to the bank to be subsequently filled. Contact the issuer of the check and ask them to write you a new one.

Checks that are not negotiated over an extended period are considered dormant. This instruction sets forth the policies and procedures for voiding stale dated checks over one year old. When a check has not been cashed after 30 to 45 days, contact the payee to determine why. If the check is still outstanding after 90 days, it may be necessary to stop payment on the check. If you’ve been given a check, it’s best to cash or deposit it as soon as feasible. If you hold onto a check for a while you run the risk of the account number or routing number changing or the check writer may have forgotten about the check and spent the money on something else. Bankrate’s editorial team writes on behalf of YOU – the reader.

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If you’re trying to figure out if a cashier’s check or a money order would better suit your needs, read our article Cashier’s Check vs Money Order. Please note that it’s always possible that Western Union or U.S.P.S. have changed their rules. Contact the issuer of your money order to find out if they have an expiration date or charge fees against old money orders.

stale dated checks

You can read the full guide on how to endorse a check to find out more about endorsement. Property tax amounts are sent via ACH to all taxing districts and do not generate any outstanding amounts.

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It is important to make sure if you are paying a bill to write the exact ‘pay to’ mentioned on the bill itself. If the check becomes stale-dated, the bank could use this section to ask for identification and address in case the check bounces. A bank, by law, can reject a check that is older than six months. If this happens to you, there are a few things you can do to resolve it. You can petition the bank to reconsider, especially if you have a long bank history with them. In addition, you can reach out to the owner and ask if there is money in the account so you can be confident that the check will clear.

Still, if the check was a gift from a relative who’s living on a fixed income, you might be better off honoring her request. You could end up responsible for the deposit item return fee if the reason she wrote the notice was because the funds would no longer be available after those 90 days. She oversees editorial coverage of savings and mobile banking articles as well as personal finance courses. Some business checks will have “Valid For 90 Days” noted on the check. The issuing bank may not honor a business check if it is presented after the 90 day period. At BKD, we understand this can be a confusing topic, and we want to help your company stay in compliance with state regulations.


Typically accounts are frozen if checks have been stolen or there is other possible fraudulent activity, but you can request to have your account frozen. However, it’s up to the bank’s discretion if it will allow a stale check to be processed. It’s best to confirm with your bank before you attempt to deposit a stale check. Generally speaking, banks or other financial institutions have the right to refuse or reject a stale check. Checks can become stale or outdated after a certain amount of time has passed.

If you receive a check that is more than 180 days old, depending on the circumstances, a bank may refuse to honor the check and will not allow you to deposit or cash the check. This latest act empowers the adopting states to review virtually any general ledger category within a corporation’s chart of accounts for possible property subject to escheat. Your bank may let you deposit the check, regardless of the issue date, but the issuing bank could still reject it. If this happens, the funds might be withdrawn from your account and you might have to pay a fee. The length of time for a cashier’s check to go stale can also vary — from 60 days to never — depending on multiple factors. In some cases, the issuing bank may specify an expiration date on the check itself.

stale dated checks

Orders for payments of warrants are paid weekly by the Treasurer’s office and turned into checks. Consequently, we have no list of outstanding warrant or payment orders. When an employee turns in a stale-dated check which needs to be reissued, it will be verified, logged, and turned over to bank reconciliation, who will reissue the check. This process will take approximately ten to fifteen working days. “Void” cannot be used in most computer software programs because it has the effect of zeroing the check on the date written which changes all the prior month reports.

Stale Check Reissuance Form

The only exception to stale-dating may be a certified check, which must be honored, even after 180 days. To address stop payment and stale dated check reissuance for students, suppliers, and non-employees.

  • Stale checks are concerning to banks due to the considerable difference between the check and payment dates.
  • If you wish to cash a stale check at the issuing bank, then you will need to get approval from that bank before presenting the stale check.
  • As long as there are post offices, you can cash a U.S.P.S. money order.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, it’s always best to speak with a lawyer before taking any action.
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The standard time allotted for cashing a check is ​60 to 90 days​, but in some cases, banks will allow you to deposit or cash a check up to ​six months​ old. For all separated participants with less than $5,000, implement an automatic rollover program. Even if both your bank and the issuing bank accept the stale check, it could still be returned for lack of funds. The bank that issued the check might have preprinted language on the check stating how long it’s valid. For example, some business checks might say, “Not valid after 60 days.” It’s worth noting that even if the specified time limit implies the check has expired, the bank may still cash it. Some banks may also contact the payer to confirm the issuance of the check.

After that, you should contact the recipient of the check to see if they want a fresh check to replace the old one. Call or text the person to let him know your intent, especially if the check was issued by a friend or family member. Also, double-check that he hasn’t switched financial institutions or opened a new account before you head to your bank.

Accounting entries are automatically created in PeopleSoft for stop payments. Therefore, because of the delay involved, checks are considered to be stale. A Stale Check is defined as a check that is presented to the bank after a considerable amount of time from the date that has been mentioned on the check. The dating timeline in this regard is mostly of a duration of 6 months or more. The Unclaimed Property Office is responsible for the re-issuance of stale, dated Accounts Payable and Payroll checks dated December 31, 2020, and prior.

Bank Not Obligated To Pay Check More Than Six Months Old

This must match the written amount that follows on the line below. Auto, homeowners, and renters insurance services offered through Karma Insurance Services, LLC (CA resident license # ). Cash or deposit any checks you receive as soon as you receive them. There are a few ways you can determine if a check is stale-dated, whether you received the check or have concerns about a check you’ve written.

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Usually, banks have to make these confirmations due to regulations that apply to most banks. On top of that, it is a part of the due diligence process carried out by banks to avoid any fraudulent activity.

So, whether you’re reading an article or a review, you can trust that you’re getting credible and dependable information. Specifically, a customer or any person authorized to draw on the account can request their bank to flag the account to stop the payment of the outstanding check. A stop-payment order is designed to stop the check from being processed and prevent the withdrawal of funds from the account. Part of taking care of finances requires you to understand how personal checks work.

B. Applicability – This applies to checks drawn on the College’s imprest operating and payroll checking bank accounts. If you wrote someone a check and you’ve been waiting an unusual amount of time for it to be cashed, you may want to contact them to make sure the check hasn’t been stolen or lost. Treasury checks are good for one year after the date on the check. stale dated checks This means that federal tax refund checks are good for one year as those are issued by the U.S. After that time, you’re still entitled to money the government owes you, but you’ll need to contact the issuer of the check and request a new check. That’s according to the Uniform Commercial Code , a set of laws governing commercial exchanges, including checks.

Upon updating banking information, all future payments will revert back to the ACH method. Regardless of the reason behind the check not being presented, it would be considered stale, and might not be accepted by the receiving bank in the first go. However, to his dismay, the bank refused to deposit them and declared that those checks as stale. A company, Gen X Co. issued checks against inventory purchases from ABC Co. in January 2018. However, due to some reason, ABC Co. did not present these checks at the bank until 30th June 2018. A company, ABC Co., buys goods from its supplier, XYZ Co., on 1st January.

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