The Perfect Time To Raise Your Consulting Billing Rate

There’s no substitute for domain expertise or knowledge in finding your ceiling. For individuals and small boutique consulting firms, I strongly recommend the 3x rule. Using the calculator above, I set a tax bracket of 25% for federal, 7% for state, and a healthcare cost estimated at 25% of all expenses. Before anything else, the total income I’d need in this example is $62,800.

  • Use the calculator below to compare the real costs of contractors versus employees, based on their salaries and hourly rates.
  • In software engineering especially I think you underestimate the long-term benefit of having a full-time employee.
  • The question then becomes how to intelligently distribute the company’s indirect costs across all employees.
  • Blended rates create an inherent incentive for the vendor to minimize your use of the more expensive resources.
  • And this means creating better content than every other creator out there.

Be sure to include your “walkaway rate” or lowest acceptable rate. The only way you will be able to run a consulting business where you can charge a good consulting fee is if you set it up properly and offer the right services to the right people. This may sound similar to a value-based fee but it’s not.

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After that first year, 100% of the increased value will be profit to you“. As a crazy 2020 comes to a close, I’ve been reviewing the books, client load, and bandwidth to clarify my business goals for next year. As a result, in 2021 my consulting rate for new projects will be increasing to $200/hour.

This is where we post our latest content on how to be your best as a self-employed consultant. Nearly all articles are written by PICA’s Chief Advocate, Liz Steblay, based on her 25 years in consulting. Of course, rate increases are natural part of running a business.

For example, you could search “Hourly rates of freelance SEO consultants in London” to get an idea. You’re encouraged to skip this part and set your hourly rates as per your wish, but knowing what others are charging will help you charge fair consulting rates. That being said, hourly rates are great for short-term projects in which it’s easy to estimate the number of billable hours. Also, if the number of hours increases due to unforeseen circumstances by any chance, then you, as a freelance consultant, will be entitled to be remunerated for those hours as well. Learn exactly what most freelancers are charging, and the rates you SHOULD be charging as a business intelligence and analytics consultant.

Pricing, Packaging, And Sales Strategies For Charging The Right Amount

A quick way to get a salary bump and become a valuable asset is to get a certification with one of the big three, such as pursuing the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer course. Understanding why DevOps got so big is essential to understanding its story. Before DevOps, Agile was the most common project management methodology in use when it comes to software development pipelines since the early 2000s.

it consulting rates per hour 2022

You will find that most of her content is focused on LinkedIn marketing. Mainly focusing on one topic has helped Melone establish herself as one of the top LinkedIn marketers out there. For best results, you should only make videos and write blogs about the topics you want to specialize in as this will help you stand out in that niche. And this means creating better content than every other creator out there. With regards to video, you can easily do this using a tool like InVideo that lets you create stellar videos within a matter of minutes even if you’ve never edited a video before.


There are additional potential financial risks with an employee that are less likely in the case of a consultant. A prime example is the fact that companies tend to make hire/fire decisions much more rapidly with consultants than with employees. It is not uncommon for underperforming employees to be kept on the payroll for multiple months, throughout various stages of probation, to minimize the potential for an employee-filed lawsuit. The resulting cost to the company can be quite substantial.

This is where you pitch your most expensive service first and then promote your more affordable ones if they don’t convert. Then slowly get them to work their way up to the more expensive services if they buy the lower-end products/services. The main difference I find between those who charge in the lower end and those in the higher end is experience.

it consulting rates per hour 2022

If you want to learn more about how you can market your business, then check out this guide. The question then becomes how to intelligently distribute the company’s indirect costs across all employees. The generally accepted practice is to use salary as an approximation of seniority, which in turn serves as an approximation of the portion of corporate infrastructure and resources used. It’s astounding how few business owners properly account for the real cost of their labor.

Successful Independent Consulting

The first category of freelancers I want to discuss is new data freelancers in western economies. In an ideal world, you could just build a freelance consulting website. You can list your consulting fees, and expect clients to come work with you.

They’ve been around the block as opposed to being ‘inbred’. Top notch consultants, have seen more code bases and generally can adapt much faster than any full-timer. The consultant also has as much incentive if not more that a permanent staff to write maintainable code cleanly because it consulting rates per hour 2022 it will affect his reputation for his/her next gig. Permanent employees might write the code poorly because they have incentive to “create work” for later to ensure their job creating inbreeding. Consultants strive to work themselves out of a job to move to bigger and better things.

Colorado mental health workers demand equal pay. But a new state report says their rates are “adequate.” – The Colorado Sun

Colorado mental health workers demand equal pay. But a new state report says their rates are “adequate.”.

Posted: Wed, 14 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

We will also discuss how to find clients who’ll respect your talent and pay you what you’re worth. Very informative breakdown of the true costs of employees vs. contractors. Been having this conversation with many friends lately and it seems people have difficulty seeing the seemingly hidden costs in actually taking care of your employees. Integrated Computer Services hourly rates range from $90 per hour and up depending on if your company is enrolled in an ICS Managed IT Services Plan and the type of Support plan your company utilizes. A third example might be a graphic designer whose work increases website conversion from 2% to 5%.

In the normal form of hiring someone in Brazil, the company always spends almost twice the employee’s compensation, every month. Business expenses not attributable to a specific project. Examples include rent, computer equipment, office supplies, voice and data communication charges, hosting services, and so on. The data is based on the user, survey, and third-party data provided by the good folks at ZipRecruiter. The ceiling is where you make the big money, but it’s much harder to judge, much harder to assess without a lot of experience.

If you go for an hourly rate with this engagement and charge $150 per hour for twelve 40-hour weeks, you’d only make $72,000. If you’re a freelance consultant, you will, at some point, have to negotiate the right consulting fees with your clients. DevOps as a whole has been experiencing massive growth since 2014 when it first became a mainstream concept. This point is reinforced by the Vice President of Research & Strategy at Microsoft’s GitHub, Nicole Forsgren, who acknowledged that DevOps is rapidly growing worldwide. If you calculate that your impact for a client is in the millions of dollars and you’re charging them hundreds of dollars, then that’s a pretty good sign that it’s time to raise your rates. If you’re undercharging, you’ll always stay stuck as a solo freelancer.

These could be a one-hour consultation session or a half-hour session every month or a few weeks. At the beginning, you can just share video case studies like the below YouTube videowhere you interview clients who got positive results from your efforts. For example, I once came across a guy who had a consultation fee of around $2,000 an hour. There are several people out there who charge more than that.

Devops Engineer Hourly Rate Guide

I occasionally come across people who charge less than $50 an hour and those who charge more than $500 an hour. But if you create content, especially videos, you will show people you know what you are talking about. So, more people will want to work with you even if you don’t have many testimonials. You can then go through all the pages on their websites to understand the services they offer.

it consulting rates per hour 2022

Remember, sometimes in business you’re not here to be liked, you’re here to get a job done. Once you have the numbers, it’s easier to raise your rate with conviction because your new rate is based on research and not just pulled out of thin air. In terms of where to sell your packages, I would discourage you from going to places like Upwork. Often, freelance marketplaces like this become a ‘race to the bottom’ which makes it difficult for freelancers looking to charge premium prices. The best way to start off is to create one standard offer. You can think of this as your minimally viable service offer.

We typically express billing rates or effective billing rates in currency per hour of time. So, our first step should be to understand what our rates are. Whether you do projects, hourly billing, etc. doesn’t matter; we just need to get to an understanding of what our rate is. I hope this article has answered your question ‘how much should I charge as a consultant’. If it has, then you should use the tips in this article to set up a successful consulting business and then set your price.

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The coach you choose should depend on how you want to grow your business. For example, Kate Ahl, who runs Simple Pin Media wanted to scale her social media marketing agency. Remember, there must be a reason vendors like the blended rate. Be willing to pay for real talent and avoid the blended rate where you can. If you can’t avoid it, be aggressive in your negotiations and make the blended rate work for you by gaining control of the resource equation.

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With the contractor restricted to no overtime cutting them out of a lot normal salary employees activities. The salary employees give companies the opportunity to treat salary employees like a rented mule because there is no over time and hence no billable overtime hours. Also the offshore companies that were jobbers for IBM, HP and Dell coming onshore to directly compete with the local outsource companies.

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